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Gradignan, Nouvelle Aquitaine, France
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Executive Summary

We propose a generation Z led enterprise education systems upgrade to solve the GlobalGoals problem feeding the planet equitably in a decade. Senior governed institutions aware of issues and solutions for fifty years have failed dramatically. Apprentipreneurs are teenage leaders whose core educational experience is advising and engineering BlueBoxBusinesses working, exemplar, multi regional circular economies. This way, the most capable generation grows the skills and confidence essential for all to reach goals in time. The Alliance underwrites apprentipreneurs, providing blue ocean challenges, inspiring working environments and timely access to requested resources. The Nouvelle Aquitaine region invites ambitious, adventurous apprentipreneurs to design self learning enterprises, demonstrating a million person regenerative economy at ExpoGames 2020 YouthGames and 2021 WorldSkills Olympics. Our experience earns elders' respect, so entrusting generations Z and alpha to orchestrate more disruptive billion person ExpoGames 2024 Olympics and 2025 Universal Exhibitions thus securing sustainable one planet operations by 2030.

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The Problem

Our problem is how to build a regenerative, just economic system capable of sustaining 8 9 billion people by 2030, reaching Global Goals. [1][2][3] We focus on one key acupuncture point: ??how to remove immediately all systemic barriers preventing the the most legitimate teams and self organised, efficient solutions from emerging: just making a more economic, verdant future.Our massive institutional failure to solve this problem over the last 50 years is like an iceberg - visible societal divides and underwater structural dysfunctions in a blue ocean of opportunity. Systems not designed to learn, that ignore externalities, allowing money to flow the wrong way, and special interest groups to rig the system. [4..10]Generation Z are the legitimate solution designers because they are: principal operators of 2030's business models; most impacted by the problem and most capable to solve it; not yet sufficiently involved!Obsolete, mostly adult dominated business models and education systems are hindering change making. Youth often lack access to solutions and inspiration in their everyday lives: examples, programmes, resources and connections. Observed behaviour around failing institutions exacerbates the problem by perpetuating negative images, particularly about work life [in e ]quality in industry: the employers who most need fresh skills, working business models and disruptive innovation. [11]Allowing adults to continue manipulating strategy and corporate governance creates intractable conflicts of interest: like asking senior turkeys who know about Christmas to engage personally this year.So our challenge becomes: how to let generation Z take leadership to make the planet work - now. Save Save

Proposed Solution

We shall sponsor a generation Z led enterprise of multi lingual Apprentipreneurs who build BoxBusinesses as learning experiences to upgrade their friends and families to circular. They organize their own program of five Challenges and five Competencies. A million strong DisruptiveDirectors team of apprentipreneurs will deliver ExpoGames the 2020 Youth Olympic Games and 2021 WorldSkills Olympics. Their example inspires confidence of younger and older generations, who join to scale this regenerative Enterprise?Education reconfiguration globally within a decade. Our ecosystem components are: Apprentipreneurs are apprentice entrepreneurs who become directors of disruptive enterprise. Adventurous 13+ leaders advise, engineer and operate exemplar circular economies as their core learning activity. They also form advisory, executive and supervisory boards to direct circular upgrade of investing enterprises. BoxBusinesses are circular micro factory modules are the heart of our learning experiences.BoxBusinesses are designed for apprentipreneurs' competencies and challenges. All can use or adapt them. Examples include CD sized workspace design guides, lunch box cycle trailers, a restaurant or woodwork shop on a pallet, and aircraft up cycled into p2p cruise ship cabins. Competencies are: making, mobility, meals, washing, workplaces - all open source Challenges are to: learn skills, serve communities, be active, organize adventures, live abroad. DisruptiveDirection describes our project process: dream, design, develop, deliver, debrief and do it again.ExpoGames are Apprentipreneur led sports and skills Olympics. FutureFactoryFarms are schools that become apprentipreneurs' ImpactHubs with BoxBusinesses. GovernanceGuidelines are our operating system control panel: millions of sensors monitoring performance in line with our sourcebook principles. Hofffices are learning workplaces made circular by docking BoxBusinesses to homes, classrooms and offices.

Evidence of Effectiveness

The circular economy framework has successfully assembled multiple schools of thought into a global movement. Circular saves $trillions per year and creates many jobs.[1] Youth's essential change making role is universally recognized at the United Nations.[2,3] We build on learning technology proven for well over 50 years with world leading partners.[4] Specifically: Apprentipreneurs is inspired by the Foundation initiative with Kingfisher, where teenagers set strategy in a $10billion DIY enterprise. We leverage experiential learning from INSEAD, INTA/International Baccalaureate/self organising schools, Erasmus+ and AIESEC, with millions of alumni as well as similar national formulae: e.g. entreprendrepourapprendre, juniorachievement. Sourcing corporate talent and societal innovation though 'real' student challenges e.g. sqore.com is another tool for our growth.[5 13]BoxBusinesses as core learning examples are: IBO, Project H 16yo builds house. Circular Economy, Blue Ocean Strategy and Presencing (MIT) courses for schools exist, or are being developed.[14 20]? Challenges blend the INTA framework with AIESEC and Erasmus+ experiences, tested by millions, with GameScience.[21] Competencies enable anyone to make services for the top five important items spent in a living wage.[22] Expogames: WorldSkills and Youth Olympics/Lausanne 2020 are designed as IdeaIncubators for youth to deliver their Games, and renew values.[22 23] Future Factory Farms and Hofffices make tested Impact Hub and Hoffice (hosting workplaces at home) formulae ubiquitous and youth led. H Campus near Venice, Italy is one example of many IBO type integrated school factory farms. [24 26] We simply gather best practices into one coherent movement with common operating systems, lowering entropy and freeing the best energised talent for greater societal benefit.

Previous Performance

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and partners bring deep experience in change leadership, disruptive innovation, incubating and scaling business models. They understand the manufacturing, biological and social dimensions of circular technologies. Examples: Youth Boards of Directors empower teenagers to help $10billion companies set strategy since 2012.The Disruptive Innovation Festival educates millions on the changing economy since 2014.? Project MainStream focuses CEOs on systemic stalemates in material flows and digital enablers of the circular economy, too complex for industry or government alone. It engages The World Economic Forum, supported by McKinsey analytics and Accenture orchestration in 3 areas: The New Plastics Economy shows how circular economies eliminate waste and ocean leakage to scale. Intelligent Assets inform circular economy operations with lean data flows, decoupling value creation from finite resource consumption, leading to broad social benefits. Paper applies pragmatic eco design in an already 50% circular industry facilitating further $Bn value captures, million ton emissions reductions, and halving forest and land use, at once.The Aquitaine Euskadi EuroRegion leads in vocational education, and international industry co operative renewal. The aerocampus pilot is deployed across six competencies on as many sites in four years. Bordeaux International School's INTA programmes and other public private partnerships grow. Factory of the Future initiatives cultivate self organising operational excellence. We are ready to co create the fifth industrial era with Generation Z.Michael Whitley's 25 year grounding as a "consummate change management executive" in complex million person industrial business model strategy and European Commission advisory, is reinforced with five years as apprentice angel investor, serving Z led Circular Economy Emerging Innovators.

The Team

Team Purpose

The Alliance provides an environment where generation Z takes leadership in design, development and delivery of solutions to make the planet work, using circular economy, blue ocean and 'U' frameworks. It assembles and focus the world's best experienced practitioners of youth led change, international experiential learning and regenerative enterprise on our aspirational objective. We need maximum participation to encourage and guide enough young associates to excellence. It secures, holding spaces, simulating future population, material and energy conditions, with adequate resources. These living labs and home work places allow IDEAL solutions to emerge. They are inspiring, comfortable and confidential enough for sometimes wild dreams to become real, fast. The spaces will mesh to build a million person enterprise in under five years, then support scaling. The Alliance exists above all to ensure everyone can live our IDEALS - International Democracy, Environmental?Entrepreneurial Adventures and Leadership as Service - each minute, their own way.

Team Structure

The alliance is structured and operates within The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the lead partner, referred to hereafter as the Foundation. Alliance Membership will be by invitation of current programme participants and strategic new partners to create a subset of the most engaged practitioners. The Foundation has become a world authority on Disruptive Innovation to accelerate the Circular Economy, working with Business, Education and Governments. Five programmes, operate as best practice sharing circles, already attracting diverse members millions of employees and students. Education covers some 20 Pioneer Schools and Universities, including a global partnership with the International Baccalaureate Organisation.Enterprise: the CE100 programme helps Kingfisher, Unilever, Apple, Google, IDEO and others collaborate with emerging innovators. Regions and Cities: Among partner regions, Aquitaine is ready to extend its best practice sharing agreement to its new geography of 5.8 million. Two cross sector Initiatiives: Global Leadership on tough issues: Project Mainstream with the World Economic Forum, rallies CEOs to solve systemic issues. Disruptive Innovation Festival: the only annual global online and live festival of the Circular Economy of million person scale.