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Executive Summary

WE on Earth are a fractured mosaic of cultures. How do we heal? WEARTH is a bridge builder among our human cultures, nations and individuals. How do we grow worth in our relation to Earth? WEARTH is a work of art, the first global sculpture. We all co create WEARTH and will participate physically, intellectually, emotionally and electronically. WEARTH is a work of science; it creates the first anthology of human values. Money makes the world go round ... Our challenge: the wax bar is the better gold bar. WEARTH WORTH improves the current status quo of our monetary systems with a much higher security level than any other system. WEARTH WORTH offers the first secure decentralized global monetary reference system that is both a union between 2d code and an intertwined 3d art tec counterpart.

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The Problem

There are moments when we ask ourselves: isn't everything related to money? And there are these moments in life when we know it isn't everything ... But what are these other values and who'd be ready to share mine? The current situation is characterized by manifold conflict, and barely thinking, creative or radical enough to see the underlying reasons. The battles on who is right or wrong or whom to blame are babelesque. Most of the time people don't see a common ground for proper exchange in values; communication on the pressing issues remains wishful thinking. A specific mess bearing risks that threaten our very existence (both in a physical sense and in our wholesomeness) is the financial world: not only the debt crisis is overshadowing a lot of economies; in the landscape of digitalization of the finance world, the lack of a solid relation to our 3D world and the centralization create hyper virtualities that become monsters to their own creators. Virtual currencies and markets with no relation to the physical reality in merely digital form are an insecure status quo that cries for evolution.

Proposed Solution

A holistic answer to these problems, unifying arts and sciences, is WEARTH. WEARTH is a global sculpture that co creates the first anthology of human values in a truly 360 media approach. Besides creating on four routes around the globe the physical sculpture and the documentation of this process all together with locals, e.g. movies will be seen in various formats, a printed and digitized version of humankind's first anthology of values will be made available. Are we not all impacted by the state of our global financial system? Decentralized crypto currencies and other fintech products are contemporary forerunners to something much more secure and just: derived from the global sculpture's collection of values, and profiting from its storytelling, WW concept generates a unique, all accessible and secure 3D 2D reference that may serve as base to relate national and local currencies to it, thus answering the necessary demands to improve the current status quo of our financial world. Don't we all witness conflict with different cultural, materialistic or religious backgrounds? WEARTH is created by all of us, if we so desire. We can create a reference that unites us, based on the fact that we are living together on this unique spaceship Earth. Can't see a better one standing around? We neither. So let's work on making this a joyful ride, a trip WEARTH being traveled, also by our children.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Prof. Dr. Schwarz, president of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has said that Humboldt would have adored WEARTH global sculpture, especially because of its philanthropic and holistic character unifying arts and sciences, and ourselves with the Earth. Commonly known, Land Art grants much higher public awareness than any other art form. Additionally to the impact of our motion pictures, social media presence and the digitally and printed publications fortify the spreading of WEARTH. Think along the threads of the works of Christo, or Beuys, de Maria or film works from Wenders. For our economic claims we refer to J.M. Keynes, A. Greenspan, Dr. E. Zimbehl, our head counsel in ethical banking, P.R. Sarkar, founder of PROUT principle and Prof. M. Yunus, founder of Grameen bank. As important to us as these high ranking scholars are the grass root protests against the current state of our financial system, e.g. the Occupy movement or the protests around any important economic summit. If supported by the majority of the people, installation of an evolved monetary system will bring huge positive impact on the whole economy, as historically proved. WEARTH creates with the people; first the sculpture to get a scientific collection of human values, then in decentralized manufactories, we hand make the WEARTH wax bars with mostly underprivileged in areas all over the world, who co own their companies. WEARTH may be funded by investors; the grant would allow us to really found a new system on a lasting base that is owned by us all.

Previous Performance

Additionally regarding myself, I only stress my knowledge of successfully orchestrating the best performers in a sustainable and international WEARTH 'orchestra'. Our 'score' was written by a group of composers with a diverse professional background. The group is just to large to be presented in this format, though every single contributor would be 'WEARTH' to be mentioned. So, an excerpt: our film directors for W#1 and W#2, Erik and Matthew, are not only experienced professionals in the field of documentary filmmaking but also have a multinational background in the continents or countries of their routes. They lived in more than one country and they speak a couple of the languages on the respective routes. Michael has realized productions, co productions and big art events in a lot of countries. Eike has founded and managed Europe's biggest ethical bank, Triodos bank, in Germany. Samba with her Japanese and Australian background is an excellent scientist, who works all over the world on sustainable vernacular architecture and ethno hubs in our modern agglomerations, and will spearhead our science team, that includes economists and anthropologists. The humane communication and teaching is in the hands of Eva, who is a mother, successful actress and physiotherapist. With her, our decisions will have a sound wholesome and headful base and our ideas on growth may become wiser and richer. And if we had time, I'd like you to meet Rahul from New Delhi, who for years has led an excellent team of programmers and IT managers.

The Team

Team Purpose

Since the nineties, we have been working in a loose group of artists and scientists to let WEARTH grow to its current maturity. In order to reach the next step of actual implementation we have decided to give our project the form of a legal association. The global sculpture -WEARTH e.V. = a registered charitable association in Berlin, Germany. It unites all individuals and groups working on the all over project. I, Jens Koethner Kaul, am applying to this grant on behalf of the whole group since I am the speaker of the board of the association. Our holistic international team shows a multifarious range of expertise in the arts, sciences, management, spiritual and social work, craftsmen, banking and IT, we believe to be capable to pull this project off. This will work out due to the fact that our network welcomes further co creators, helping us succeed with the next steps.

Team Structure

All founding members of the charitable association 'the global sculpture WEARTH' showed profound proficiency to spearheading our cause. Its board manages daily development and the necessary expansion of the team. As speaker of the board, I have international expertise in orchestrating multi faceted film teams of industrial size. Mirko, as architect and spatial artist, is responsible for the sculptural integrity of the project. Eva, mother, actress and physiotherapist takes care of the workshops. Peter looks after our finances. Sergey, with his astounding Russian writing talent, is responsible for the literary work of WEARTH's anthropology part. Our sub companies executing the different aspects of WEARTH will be counseled and lead by other members of our association (e.g. Michael, who oversees our motion pictures activities) along with professionals believing in WEARTH, partnering in long standing relations. The legal structure of ownership of these sub companies is following the PROUT principle of having 50% ownership in the hands of the people working for the company, whereas 50% will remain with our charitable association and possible third parties. The profits of the companies will be used to form WEARTH into a sustainable long lasting entity, making every co creator owner of WEARTH.