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Executive Summary

The FINAL SOLUTION becomes viable when survival of the species predominates over survival of the individual at the point in which exponential population growth exponentially depleted vital resources. A billion people today do not have clean drinking water and by 2025 there will be two billion. We make clean drinking water in desalination plants which burn copious amount of fossil fuel. Water Food Energy nexus is interchangeable. It takes a half a ton of water to make a loaf of bread. Concurrently industry and transportation depletes fossil fuel and pollutes the atmosphere. The collapse date is computed to occur around 2035. Our technologies, without using fossil fuel, produce electricity; others produce clean water, and others produce food without irrigation. Other technologies make feasible air travel without use of fossil fuel to make aircraft faster, quieter, safer, cleaner. These technologies have been designed by our group over the past 10 years.

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The Problem

In the nexus of energy water food, to tackle the threat of hunger and to keep the price of food affordable, we need an alternative to conventional agriculture. It takes a half ton of water to produce a single loaf of bread. If expensive desalinated water is used for agriculture, the price of food will become astronomical. In the nexus of energy water, we believed it critical to find methods that produce water without depleting energy stores. Another strategic problem, the major waste of energy in pumping water from its source to an end user. California uses a full 30% of all electricity used just to move water. Israel uses 15% of its total energy usage to move water. We also need to find alternative ways to generate energy in general and electricity in particular without reliance on fossil fuel. At the same time, we need to find methods to safely extract from unconventional sources (oil shale, tar sands) and deep stores of natural gas and oil. And we need ways to find alternative to fossil fuel in air and ground transport. Alternatives to the inefficient, economically unfeasible methods of harnessing solar and wind energy must be found.

Proposed Solution

Using nearly untapped and endlessly renewable sources of energy to produce fresh water: clean solar energy evaporates sea water and coolness of sea water condenses it. (Solar Desalination) Pressure of the sea at certain depth is sufficiently strong to create a super critical state where salt drops out. (Deep Sea Desalination) Plasma Tunneler melts rock in its path to form glassy and thick walled pipe. It can bore straight down to access deep water or gas or across to form an impervious pipeline which can be used to transport water or gas or oil safely, cheaply and efficiently. As methane is lighter than air, an aerial pipeline transports natural gas. Water is a byproduct of natural gas combustion. Our method captures significant amount of water that otherwise would be spewed into the atmosphere adding to the greenhouse effect. Instead of agriculture depleting clean drinking water, brackish or recycled water is evaporated in closed loop Dome Greenhouse, Dew will do. In the Algae Dome algae is grown in the walls of a closed loop dome. By bubbling carbon dioxide inside the walls of the Algae Dome, CO2 is absorbed by the algae and vegetation inside the dome grows in an insect free environment. The algae is then processed for both animal feed and bio diesel fuel, producing both energy and food through conservation, not consumption. High altitude wind another virtually inexhaustible energy source is harnessed to produce electricity. Designs of electron propulsion makes faster, cheaper, quieter, and safer air travel possible without using fossil fuel.

Evidence of Effectiveness

All of the technologies proposed rely on extant public domain technologies currently in use, such as the inflatable domes, while others use commonly understood laws of physics documented in published work where computations prove its effectiveness and viability of the solution. The proposed solutions, we consider safe bets. Ultimately, with sufficiently abundant and cheap energy, there is no longer a problem in the water energy food nexus. Clean water can be desalinated from abundant ocean water, can be pumped vast distances for all to quench their thirsts and irrigate their fields, enabling us to do incredibly more with incredibly less. One direction our research has taken us, goes beyond nanotech, or machines made of atoms, to femtotech, matter made of subatomic particles. Buildable nuclear matter, stabilized degenerate matter in small amounts on the femtotech scale (10e 15 m), a million times smaller than nanotech, explored by Prof. Bolonkin, would have fantastic properties: Absolute shield against radiation thinner than foil; practical and safe deep geothermal. solar and fusion power at any location of earth; Superconductor; super insulator with more tensile strength than any other matter. Higher risk but very high leverage upsides if successful, is looking for naturally occurring, but hitherto undiscovered, nanotech precursors, which if successful, would enable area of nanotechnology speculated for nearly 40 years, enabling aerospace innovation and generating energy in space. Other incredibly disruptive technologies include Electron Air Hypersonic Propulsion makes faster, cheaper, quieter, and safer air travel possible without using fossil fuel.Mirco thermonuclear reactor andspacecraft engine.

Previous Performance

"Published professional journal articles and in academic books: AB Preon Interaction Theory and Model of Universe Converting of Matter to Nuclear Energy by AB generator and its Application Converting of Matter to Nuclear Energy by AB Generator* and Photon Rocket Cumulative Thermonuclear AB Reactor Electric Hypersonic Space Aircraft Electric Theory of Tornado. Protection from Tornado. Electron Hydro Electric Generator Electron Super Speed Hydro Propulsion Electron Wind Generator Electrostatic Generator and Electronic Transformer Femtotechnologies and Innovative Projects Femtotechnology. AB matter. Properties, Possibility Production and Applications Femtotechnology. AB matter. Properties, Stability, Possibility Production and Applications Femtotechnology: Design of the Strongest AB Matter for aerospace Femtotechnology: Stability of AB needles. Fantastic Properties and Application Hypersonic Ground Electric AB Engine Impulse Mini Thermonuclear Reactors Inexpensive Mini Thermonuclear Reactor Innovations and New Technologies Jet Electric Generator Macro Projects: Environments and Technologies Magnetic Space Launcher Method for Interstellar Flight New Concepts, Ideas, Innovations in aerospace, Technology and the Human Sciences New Ideas, Innovation of Non Rocket Propulsion Systems for Space Launch and Flight Part 1; part 2; Part 3 New Methods of Removing Space Debris Non Rocket Space Launch and Flight (v.3) Nuclear AB Generator and its Application

The Team

Team Purpose

Strategic Solutions Technology for a particular problem: To reverse erosion and create arable land, Dead Sea Plan formulated as a model of restoring even harsh desert salt sea areas to lush vegetation by tunneling 10 meter diameter waterways from the Mediterranean to Dead Sea using extant TBM technology. Petrodollar oil speculation which triggered a worldwide recession: new technologies to exploit the vast deposits of oil shale and tar sands by unconventional oil extraction. We also devised a new technology to exploit deep gas and oil with a rock melting and annealing device, the Plasma Tunneler. The Japan nuclear disaster: our brain trust devised a method to contain the radioactivity from polluting the ground and water. To address the BP oil disaster, we devised an inflatable chimney to prevent the oil spreading throughout the gulf. In the nexus of food water energy we devised 14 methods to produce one without expending the other.

Team Structure

Strategic Solutions Technology Group is a think tank headed by Prof. Alexander Bolonkin, a Soviet refusenik, who although an integral part of the Soviet space program, was shipped to Siberia. Upon his release and subsequent immigration to the US, he was quickly absorbed by NASA and the US Air Force Laboratories as a senior researcher. Over several decades, Prof. Bolonkin designed space travel innovations, published numerous theoretical physics papers which includes femto technology (matter made up of subatomic particles) with particular applications to aerospace and energy; creation and harnessing micro black holes, a relativity theory of relations between time, matter, volume, distance and energy, Rolling Space, Time, Matter into Point. Incredible applied physics innovations such as magnetic field levitation, cable anti gravitator and electrostatic levitation; Electron gas and quasi superconductivity at room temperature. He is a team member on another application and serves as the advisory board on this application. Prof. Shmuel Neumann and Joseph Friedlander, who designed the Dead Sea Plan submitted to the World Bank to revitalize the Dead Sea plan by tunneling 10 meter diameter underground waterways from the Mediterranean to Dead Sea, together with Prof. Bolonkin were the brain trust to develop water food energy nexus technologies. Others serve as operational officers.